We depend on nature, therefore we also take care of it

We are FSC® certified as we believe that we should live in a sustainable society

Jyderup Dyvelfabrik a/s only buys materials and dowels from companies that we have visited. We will ensure that all our suppliers meet the current rules in human rights, labor and the EU regulation EUTR (regulation EU nr.995 / 2010).

In order to keep to our own stringent requirements for supply security, we always have a stock value of of app. 500.000 EUR, so that we can provide our customers with good service.

We have more than 2,700 M2 in our buildings so there is room for plenty of dowels, also for you.

Jyderup Dyvelfabrik a/s supplies dowel pins all over over the world and we can only do so because we keep our promises and our tolerances.

We constantly work to find new species as well as suppliers who can live up to the quality we have so that we can deliver the quality our customers expect from us.

Our FSC® licenscode is FSC® C109685, and here  you have the link to our certificate.

We hope you will take the time to look at our products and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Henrik Madsen | Jyderup Dyvelfabrik A/S

Henrik Madsen


Henrik Madsen bought Jyderup Dyvelfabrik a / s in 1997, along with four other business people, in 2007 he took over the rest of the company. Before 1997, Henrik worked in Nuremberg, Germany in an English-owned company who sold personal protective equipment.

Jyderup Dyvelfabrik a/s

Founder: Niels Bernhardt Knudsen B.1894 D. 1978

1924 – 1955 Bernhardt was director for the family sawmill in Mørkøv. In this period the first crosscutter was build.
1955 Bernhardt bought Skamstrup Diary and founded Jyderup Dyvelfabrik a/s.
1968 Niels Knudsen, son of Niels Bernhardt Knudsen, started working at the factory.
1969 Niels Bernhardt Knudsen bought Jyderup Stavefactory and sawmill from Danapak, and moved the factory to Jyderup.
1997 Henrik Madsen and 4 other business people bougth Jyderup Dyvelfabrik.
2000 – 2001 A new factory in the Czech Republic was built.
2003 Cooperation with Asian produceres started.
2006 The factory was moved to 2.700 M2 buildings in Store Merløse.
2007 Henrik Madsen bought the other 4 business people out.
2007 Production of Spruce and Oak Dowel pins was started.
2009 The production was expanded by a new Vision system for quality of the dowel pins.
2014 The production was expanded with new fully automatic bagging plant.