Work areas we work with at Jyderup Dyvelfabrik

Window industry


Window industry

The window industry is getting bigger and bigger. Windows that are both highly insulating, sustainable and economic are more and more important. We are a small, but important part of it.

Se hvilke dyvler vi anbefaler at bruge til vindues industrien, så produktionen kan blive så hurtig som muligt.

See which dowel pins we recommend to use in the window industry, so that production can be as quick as possible.

Dowels for the window industry

Solid wood & MDF

spiraldübel spiral dübel holz dübel holzdübel

Solid wood & MDF

Solid wood & MDF have greater demand on the tolerances of the dowel pins.

It is far too expensive to risk broken parts because of bad dowel pins.

Here are the best dowel pins for solid wood & MDF

Chipboard / particle board

Riffel dyvel træ dyvler

Chipboard / particle board

As in many other industries, production cannot stand still. Therefore, there is higher and higher demand for the quality of the sorting process.

Therefore, we always have the best quality of dowel pins for particle board in different types of dowel pins.

Here you can find the Dowel pins we believe are the best for use in particle boards.